The animated film “Tasks of the Day” will be the second Bulgarian participant in the “Oscars”.

The premiere of the five films from the animated poetry project “Shtrih i stih/Mark and Verse“ vol.2, with initiator and producer Vesela Dancheva from Compote Collective, financed by the Bulgarian National Film Center, took place last week during the 16th edition of the international short film festival “In the Palace” in Varna.

The film “Tasks of the Day” with director Petya Zlateva impressed the members of the jury Ali Asgari, Katya Trichkova and Sandy Lieberson and won the award for best national film, which qualified it for the “Oscars” race in the category short animated film.

 “A beautiful, sad and poetic depiction of loss and sadness during a seemingly ordinary day” – states the jury’s argumentation for the distinction.

This is a chance that few Bulgarian short films receive, since on a national level only one feature-length film proposal is sent. Our proposal for the Awards of the American Film Academy this year is the movie “Aga” by the director Milko Lazarov, but now we have included the five-minute animated film “Tasks of the Day” by Petya Zlateva as well.

We wish utmost success to these films!

Trailer of the film:

NEW Bulgarian Animation 2019

Our initiative for the presenting of contemporary Bulgarian animated films on the big screen start on the 14th of May from 18:00 EET at Dom na kinoto/Cinema house.

During our first screening we will show you a selection of 12 artistic animated films by contemporary Bulgarian authors created after the year 2012. Many of these films are made by renowned directors, who have been awarded and recognized on a local and international level – “Flutter” by Vladimir Todorov, “Spring Balance” by Andrey Tsvetkov, “Touch” by Velislav Kazakov, “REW day” by Svilen Dimitrov, “Ugly Fairytale” by Radost Neykova, “Father” by Ivan Bogdanov, Asi Petrov, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin, Moritz Mayerhofer and Veljko Popovic, “Firebird” by Velislava Gospodinova, “Mothers” by Lubomir Yotov. Some of these films are debuts like “Only mine” by Yoana Atanasova, while others are student films like “The Pear” by Petko modev (NBU) and “Techno” by Atanas Filipov (NATFA). “Techno” and “Peace” by Dimitar Dimitrov will be shown on the big screen for a first time.

Come and enjoy the art of animation with us!

CEE Animation Forum 2019 announced its select projects

Thirty three animated film projects in three categories: short films, series, and feature films have been selected for participation in the seventh edition of the CEE Animation Forum (formerly known as Visegrad animation forum).

Bulgaria will be represented by two production studios, members of ABAP – “Zographic films” with the project “The Brownies” (script by Alexandra Lopez-Koleva, directed by Yavor Kalutchev) and “Compote Collective” with the project “Where to” (script and directed by Asparuh Petrov).

CEE Animation Forum will take place between 6th – 8th May in Trebon, Czech Republic. The forum is aimed at projects, artists and producers from the Central and Eastern European region.

We wish our colleagues and all participants utmost success!

ABAP is now a fact

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce, that the “Association of Bulgarian Animation Producers” (ABAP) is now officially listed in the trade register and is open for new members.

The association has been founded with the mutual efforts of 5 production studios – “Zographic films” Ltd., “Junk Brothers” Ltd., “Nagual – Nastimir Tsachev 2” Ltd., “Anima film” Ltd., and „Compote Collective” Ltd.

Our aim is to achieve mutuality and unity within the animation guild around a common vision for the development of the Bulgarian animation industry. Our efforts would not lead to any results without your participation or without institutional support by the state. The goals around which we have united are:

  • to protect the interests of the Bulgarian animation industry
  • to improve the conditions for financing and production of animated films
  • to make Bulgarian animation available for a local and international audience

We invite you to join us!

You can download a membership application from here.