ABAP is now a fact

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce, that the “Association of Bulgarian Animation Producers” (ABAP) is now officially listed in the trade register and is open for new members.

The association has been founded with the mutual efforts of 5 production studios – “Zographic films” Ltd., “Junk Brothers” Ltd., “Nagual – Nastimir Tsachev 2” Ltd., “Anima film” Ltd., and „Compote Collective” Ltd.

Our aim is to achieve mutuality and unity within the animation guild around a common vision for the development of the Bulgarian animation industry. Our efforts would not lead to any results without your participation or without institutional support by the state. The goals around which we have united are:

  • to protect the interests of the Bulgarian animation industry
  • to improve the conditions for financing and production of animated films
  • to make Bulgarian animation available for a local and international audience

We invite you to join us!

You can download a membership application from here.

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