NEW Bulgarian Animation 2019

Our initiative for the presenting of contemporary Bulgarian animated films on the big screen start on the 14th of May from 18:00 EET at Dom na kinoto/Cinema house.

During our first screening we will show you a selection of 12 artistic animated films by contemporary Bulgarian authors created after the year 2012. Many of these films are made by renowned directors, who have been awarded and recognized on a local and international level – “Flutter” by Vladimir Todorov, “Spring Balance” by Andrey Tsvetkov, “Touch” by Velislav Kazakov, “REW day” by Svilen Dimitrov, “Ugly Fairytale” by Radost Neykova, “Father” by Ivan Bogdanov, Asi Petrov, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin, Moritz Mayerhofer and Veljko Popovic, “Firebird” by Velislava Gospodinova, “Mothers” by Lubomir Yotov. Some of these films are debuts like “Only mine” by Yoana Atanasova, while others are student films like “The Pear” by Petko modev (NBU) and “Techno” by Atanas Filipov (NATFA). “Techno” and “Peace” by Dimitar Dimitrov will be shown on the big screen for a first time.

Come and enjoy the art of animation with us!

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