The animated film “Tasks of the Day” will be the second Bulgarian participant in the “Oscars”.

The premiere of the five films from the animated poetry project “Shtrih i stih/Mark and Verse“ vol.2, with initiator and producer Vesela Dancheva from Compote Collective, financed by the Bulgarian National Film Center, took place last week during the 16th edition of the international short film festival “In the Palace” in Varna.

The film “Tasks of the Day” with director Petya Zlateva impressed the members of the jury Ali Asgari, Katya Trichkova and Sandy Lieberson and won the award for best national film, which qualified it for the “Oscars” race in the category short animated film.

 “A beautiful, sad and poetic depiction of loss and sadness during a seemingly ordinary day” – states the jury’s argumentation for the distinction.

This is a chance that few Bulgarian short films receive, since on a national level only one feature-length film proposal is sent. Our proposal for the Awards of the American Film Academy this year is the movie “Aga” by the director Milko Lazarov, but now we have included the five-minute animated film “Tasks of the Day” by Petya Zlateva as well.

We wish utmost success to these films!

Trailer of the film:

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